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Hello everyone, hello everyone!  

Little narcissistic moment where I allow myself to tell you a little about myself, explain who I am and where I come from ... 😅

My name is Sylvain, French and living in Alsace for a long time (but I remain a Lyonnais in my heart ...!). Flight attendant for an airline ✈️ in everyday life, I developed the podcast Le Saviez Vous? because I have always been a fan of useless knowledge. You know, this knowledge that we love to display with family or friends, often at parties that end late ... 
In addition, having studied to initially become a tourist guide, I have always been fond of these historical anecdotes and other unknown facts which nevertheless deserve to be known! 

So you will have understood it, a normal person, a fan of travel, a fan of good food and crossfit. If you ever meet me on a plane, please let me know, I'll be more than happy to meet a listener.  But until that happens, feel free to join me on my Instagram profile!

Thank you for your loyalty and your listening.

En attendez partez à
la découverte des épisodes !

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